Artist Statement


   Mikang Lim

   To me it is not much important what I make with clay work.

   Whatever it may be, I expect it to be as natural as nature itself.

   Whether it is pottery or construction work, I feel the vitality of work

   if for a moment I forget myself and indulge myself.

   The work patterned into formality is dreadful and tedious.

   When I observe certain work, what impresses me is its variety.

   The common factors of the work are their naturalness and depth.

   Doing a work expressing oneself after deep thought and not bound  

   in formality but above is what brings vitality.

   Much of the work made remains more dead than alive.

   To make work alive requires much time. A time where at moment feels

   like eternity.

   The reason I like ceramic about is the fire. Although sometimes the fire

   limits the naturalness of clay, I feel mystified that clay and

   fire having went through over hundred and thousands of years of  

   natural change,

   that I could express myself through firing.

   What I like about clay is that what I express is based on my ability

   and the force of nature that which provides the opportunity of

   expectation. Sometimes a sigh of admiration

   and sometimes a sigh of disappointment results just as in life